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Newborn babies are best photographed in their bare skin within 3-14 days after birth.  After this period of time, it is more difficult to pose the baby as they become more alert and baby acne and even some hair loss may also occur due to the release of hormones.  That is why it is best that you contact me while you are still pregnant, so that I can ensure availability after your baby is born.
The session will take place in my home studio located in Chesterfield, VA and will take between 2 and 3 hours so that we have time to feed, soothe and cuddle your new baby into those sweet poses.  I will provide everything needed for the session, including a variety of props (blankets, baskets, wraps, hats, and headbands), but also encourage you to set aside something special that you may like incorporated into the session.  I am happy to travel to your home for your newborn session for an additional $75.00 in the south side Richmond area.  My studio only has enough room for me to work with your new little bundle.  My living room is located right outside the room used for the studio.  Come and relax while I’m working with your baby, you are able to come and take a peek when you would like to see the magic happen.  If you have other children and are interested in a sibling picture please bring them items to stay entertained as the session is lengthy, or if interested tv and/or a movie can be played.
Here are some tips for preparing for a successful newborn session before you arrive:
Do not let your baby nap immediately before the session. You should try and keep your baby up at least an hour before the session (if not longer) so that when you arrive, they are ready for their nap. A bath can help keep them awake and stimulated to get them nice and sleepy for the next few hours with me.
Dress your baby lightly in clothing that is easy to take off without waking. As soon as you arrive, I immediately begin posing if they are asleep.
Immediately before you arrive, give your baby a nice big full feeding. However you choose to feed your baby, make sure their bellies are full when you arrive so that we can begin immediately.  We will have plenty of time for feeding and soothing during the session; however, this full feeding will set the pace for a much more smooth session. Keep in mind that your baby may need an extra feeding during the session because we are asking a lot of them and frequently disturbing their sleep to re-pose them.
Don’t forget about yourselves!!! If you are interested in having a few photos taken with your baby and/or siblings, be sure to be dressed and ready before the session.
Things to bring with you for the session: burp cloths, 2 receiving blankets, formula/breast milk, and a pacifier (even if they don’t take one, I’ll only use it for a few minutes to soothe them should they need it).
Crank up the heat (if doing an in-home session).  Turning up your thermostat to around 78 degrees will help baby to sleep soundly during the session.  I will also bring a space heater for additional heat
Studio Address:
11624 St. Audries Drive
Chesterfield, VA  23838

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